The Ujamaa Children's Home currently provides a home for 13 children in Arusha Tanzania.  The home is a lively and happy place and all the children get on well and look after each other.  It's just like a big family.

All of the children go to Private English Medium Schools where they learn English and they get the best education to prepare them for adulthood. The schools which they attend offer a wide range of subjects and opportunities. All classes except Swahili are taught in English which provides valuable preparation for government exams which are in English.

The Ujamaa Children's Home will continue to support the children well into adulthood, so if they choose tertiary education or vocational training they will have a support system until they are able to fully care for themselves.

In their spare time the children enjoy all the usual things.  There is a fabulous trampoline at the Children's Home which provides a lot of enjoyment.  The boys love to play football and some of the girls are on their school netball team.

The children also like to be creative and enjoy drawing and colouring.  The older children also help the mamas with cooking and are excited that they have an oven in their new home and so can now do some baking.