Ujamaa Children's Trust

The Trust was established in December 2010 to raise funds to provide relief from poverty, destitution, misfortune and helplessness and the advancement of education to vulnerable children and orphans and their families.  In particular the Ujamaa Children's Trust assists with providing funding to the Ujamaa Children's Home.  

The Ujamaa Children's Home is based in Arusha in North Tanzania and currently cares for 16 children who have lost one or both parents or whose parents are not well enough to look after them.

Caring for 16 children in Africa may seem like a drop in the ocean but it makes such a difference to those children and their lives have been changed immeasurably.  The children of the Ujamaa Children's Home are happy, lively and hungry for education, all in all an absolute delight to be around. 

The Ujamaa Children's Trust is a registered charity in the UK with registered charity number 1150850.